February 21, 2017

2016 Forestry Webinar Series

Our 2016 Forestry Webinar Series has concluded.  Links to the available recordings are posted below.  

Dates, topics, and speakers:

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Forest insects and diseases in Minnesota: Highlights from 2015
Tuesday January 26, 2016
Speaker: Brian Schwingle, MN Department of Natural Resources
Details and recording

Practical silviculture for non-foresters
Tuesday February 16, 2016
Speaker: Eli Sagor, UMN-SFEC, Cloquet Forestry Center
Details and recording

Forest management effects on water
Tuesday March 15, 2016
Speaker: Diana Karwan, UMN Department of Forest Resources
Details and recording

Climate change and eastern larch beetle: A bad mix for tamarack in Minnesota
Tuesday April 19, 2016
Speaker: Brian Aukema, UMN Department of Entomology
Details and recording

EAB and woodland ash: Learning from the Michigan experience
Tuesday May 17, 2016
Speakers: Bob Heyd, Michigan DNR and Andrew Arends, Minnesota DNR-Forestry
Details and recording

Importance of managed forests to Minnesota’s forest birds
Tuesday June 21, 2016 
Speaker: Alexis Grinde, UMD – Natural Resources Research Institute
Details and recording

Forest disturbances in Minnesota: what impacts us most?
Tuesday July 19, 2016 
Speaker: Matt Russell; UMN Department of Forest Resources and Extension
Details and recording

Natural resource applications of unmanned aerial systems
Tuesday August 16, 2016
Speaker: Bill Anderson, University of Minnesota Department of Forest Resources
Details and recording

Service Delivery Options for Private Woodland Owners Interested in Forest Stewardship
Thursday, September 22, 2016
Speaker: John Carlson, MN DNR – Forestry
Details and recording

Oak and fire in Minnesota forests
Tuesday October 25, 2016
Speaker: Lee Frelich, UMN Department of Forest Resources
Details and recording

Update on northern long-eared bat research in Minnesota
Tuesday November 15, 2016
Speaker: Morgan Swingen, UMD – Natural Resources Research Institute and Mark Jacobs, Aitkin County (MN) Land Department
Details and recording

Minnesota’s changing forests: 1935 to today
Tuesday December 13, 2016
Speaker: Alan Ek, UMN – Forest Resources
Details and recording