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Calendar of Events & Registration

Tues & Wed. Oct. 14 & 15, 2014.  Applied LiDAR Analysis for Forest Inventory and Assessment

Description: This workshop will provide an introduction to techniques used in LiDAR remote sensing for forest inventory and assessment. It is intended for a diverse audience with varying levels of exposure to LiDAR data and analysis. Inventory foresters, especially those with geospatial interests, are particularly encouraged to attend. This is a hands-on, two-day workshop comprised of classroom, computer lab, and field-based exercises. Attendees will learn the underlying principles of LiDAR data collection, including how LiDAR responses vary across different forest structural conditions and species compositions. A significant portion of the course will deal with integrating LiDAR with field inventory data to develop spatial predictions (i.e., maps) of inventory attributes across large spatial extents.

Registration includes lunch on October 14 and breakfast and lunch on October 15, as well as refreshments throughout the workshop.  A limited number of dorm-style single occupancy rooms are available at the Cloquet Forestry Center on October 13 and 14 for $47.50 per night.

Location: Cloquet Forestry Center
Instructor: Mike Falkowski, University of Minnesota
Sponsor: Sustainable Forests Education Cooperative
SAF CFE: 12.5 Cat 1-CF
Fees: $250 SFEC Member, $350 Non-member

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Tues. Oct. 21, 2014.  WEBINAR from noon-1:00pm: The state of forestry in Minnesota

Description: Minnesota’s forests, as well as markets for forest products, are continually changing.  Few, if any, have tracked these changes over the past several decades more closely than Alan Ek, head of the University of Minnesota Department of Forest Resources.  Dr. Ek will present updated data on the composition of Minnesota forests and discuss a range of issues and opportunities for their management and use.

Speaker: Alan Ek, UMN Department of Forest Resources
Sponsors: UMN Extension and Sustainable Forests Education Cooperative

For information on registration, fees, and continuing education credits visit


Tues. Nov. 18, 2014.  WEBINAR from noon-1:00pm: What to plant? Forest health for the future

Description: With the evidence of a changing climate increasingly visible around us, one of the most common questions that we receive from both landowners and foresters is “what species should I plant?”  In this presentation, a panel will discuss different approaches to answering this question. We’ll begin with a review of expected tree species range shifts in the Lakes States, then move on to different perspectives on the costs and benefits of assisted migration, which is the intentional movement of species in anticipation of changing future conditions. The discussion will be of greatest value to landowners and land managers.

Speaker: Panel hosted by Eli Sagor, SFEC and UMN Extension
Sponsors: UMN Extension and Sustainable Forests Education Cooperative

For information on registration, fees, and continuing education credits visit


Tues. Jan. 20, 2015.  WEBINAR from noon-1:00pm: Updates on the FSC and SFI forest management certification standards

Description: Forests throughout Minnesota and around the world have been certified to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) standards.  Both programs are anticipated to announce changes to their standards in 2014 – tune in for the latest updates!

Speaker: Kathryn Fernholz, Dovetail Partners, Inc.
Sponsors: UMN Extension and Sustainable Forests Education Cooperative

For information on registration, fees, and continuing education credits visit


February 2015, Date TBD:  Forest and Wildlife Research Review

Description: SFEC's annual Research Review is back! We've packed a year of relevant, useful new research to inform your natural resource management activities into a single day. This is one of our most popular events.

Location: Cloquet Forestry Center
Speakers: Multiple. Check back for details.
Sponsors: Sustainable Forests Education Cooperative
Fees: $75 SFEC member, $140 non-member


Spring 2015, Date TBD:  SFEC Hands-on Technology Review

Description: How would you conduct stand assessments and inventories differently with an unmanned aerial vehicle? Can free- or low-cost apps on your phone or tablet improve your mapping, data collection, and GPS capabilities?  Are shapefiles containing harvest data useful to loggers, and how would you produce that?  What button should you push to... ?  This fall, you'll have the chance to see this (and more) hardware and software in action, try it yourself, and ask all the questions you don't want your kids to know you don't know.  This is a hands-on, classroom- and field event.

Location: Cloquet Forestry Center
Speakers: Multiple. Check back for details.
Sponsors: Sustainable Forests Education Cooperative
Fees: $75 SFEC member, $140 non-member

This program is still in development.



Other Events and Workshops

Sponsored by the Minnesota Logger Education Program (MLEP):

Wood Markets - September 23, 2014 in Grand Rapids, MN

Description: Looking to expand your markets or just want to know more about what markets exist? Want to know more about the products produced in Minnesota and where they go? Representatives from the pulpwood, saw log and specialty markets (Papermills, Sawmills, Specialty mills) will be on hand to discuss the products they produce, utilization specifications, resource needs and more.

For more information, visit MLEP

Erosion Control - Staying Out of Murky Waters - October 2 and December 2, 2014 in Grand Rapids, MN

Description: The workshop will educate participants on the appropriate selection, installation and maintenance of erosion control practices on logging roads, trails and landings. Participants will learn when and where erosion control practices are needed, how to determine the appropriate practice for a specific site situation, and proper installation and maintenance of practices. Participants will also be exposed to new and affordable erosion control techniques and materials not commonly seen within forest management in MN.

For more information, visit MLEP

Sponsored by University of Minnesota Extension:

Bioenergy Production and Climate Research Walk & Talk Tour - October 1, 2014 in Cloquet, MN

Description: To learn more about the current research on these topics the University of Minnesota Extension will be hosting a Bioenergy Production and Climate Research Walk & Talk Tour on Wednesday, October 1, 2014, from 1 to 4 PM at the Cloquet Forestry Center (CFC) near Cloquet, MN. The program will begin at the CFC with an indoor program at 1:00 PM then we will visit the research sites of B4Warmed and the Long-term Agroforestry Bioenergy Production projects.

Designed for landowners and natural resource professionals, at this Walk-&-Talk event, you will learn: 1) options for producing biomass for energy using Agroforestry practices, 2) update on the new Biomass Crop Assistance Program (BCAP) from the 2014 Farm Bill, 3) Minnesota facilities participating in BCAP, 4) ecosystem services provided for by producing biomass for energy and 5) developments in climate research that are needed to effectively manage Minnesota forest resources.

Registration is $20, and pre-registration is required. To register, contact Trudy Fredricks at 218-726-6462; or email at

Sponsored by the Minnesota Society of American Foresters:

MN SAF Summer meeting - October 21, 2014 in Cloquet, MN

Description: The Lake Superior Chapter will be hosting the Minnesota State Society’s 2014 summer meeting. The meeting will be held October 21 at the Cloquet Forestry Center. More details on registration and lodging will be forthcoming. For more info about the meeting, contact MNSAF Lake Superior Chapter's Erik Anton at

MN SAF Annual Winter Meeting - January 27 & 28, 2015 in Ely, MN

Description: The 2015 State Society of American Foresters annual meeting will focus on current and emerging technology and research, and how we can effectively apply these to increase our efficiency. This meeting will present methods to integrate emerging technologies in the areas of LiDAR, UAVs and GIS into our workplace and include practical in-the-field examples of how these perform. The meeting will also identify current research topics and discuss what the results mean for the practicing forester. Dates for the meeting are 27 & 28 January and the meeting is located in Ely. The conference will be held at the Grand Ely Lodge Resort & Conference Center (218-365-6565 or and include a break-out field demonstrations in the Ely area. A block of rooms are being held for the event. Call early to reserve your room. For more information about the meeting, contact MNSAF chair-elect Brad Jones at

Sponsored by Dovetail Partners, Aitkin County Land Department, Minnesota Association of County Land Commissioners, Blandin Foundation, and the Forest Guild

Bat-Friendly Forestry Workshop and Field Tour - October 30 and 31, 2014 in Aitkin, MN:

Description: The workshop on October 30th will feature the results of 2014 summer bat survey work, including acoustical and mist net surveys done throughout northern Minnesota.  Public and private sector researchers will present information about what is known about forest-dwelling bats in the state, current research needs, and the status of the listing process for the Northern Long-eared Bat (NLEB).  On October 31st, a field tour will be held that will include visiting forest management treatment sites to review "bat-friendly forestry" activities and discuss alternatives for protecting bat habitat needs.  The goals of the workshop and tour are to increase understanding of the habitat needs of forest dwelling bats and management practices that can support bat populations.

For more information, see the event's news release

Online Training for Minnesota Biomass Harvesting Guidelines!

It’s Simple: Simple and self-paced - This training is user-friendly and self-directed. Study as much as you need to know, at the pace you learn!

It’s Fun: Have fun learning with interactive slides and questions.

It’s Official: After answering the quiz questions correctly and completing the training, you will enter your name, address and email. This information will be recorded by the Sustainable Forests Education Cooperative (forest resource managers) and the Minnesota Logger Education Program (loggers). You will also receive an email confirming your completion of the training.

This training is free for members of the Sustainable Forests Education Cooperative and the Minnesota Logger Education Program. The cost for others wishing to receive credit for this training is $45.

SAF CFE: 1.5 in Category 1-CF.
Click here to go to the online training page: Online Biomass Guideline Training

Participants will:

  1. Learn what is available through LANDFIRE and how to get it
  2. How LANDFIRE products are currently being used in forest, fire and conservation management
  3. Explore ways LANDFIRE products may help managers with forest certification needs
  4. Learn that modeling is not just for runways or MBAs