2014: Nuts and Bolts of Carbon Sequestration Projects in Minnesota’s Forests

This workshop explained the “why, how, and when” of developing a carbon project. It will include a field demonstration of forest measurements for a carbon inventory. Participants will learn how carbon sequestration value is measured, what costs and commitments are involved, and the potential to integrate a carbon project with existing timber management practices as well as programs like the Sustainable Forestry Incentives Act, FSC, SFI, and ATFS. They will also learn how to quickly assess a carbon project’s feasibility without a significant financial investment. The audience for this workshop includes foresters, landowners, and other interested stakeholders.

June 25, 2014 at the Cloquet Forestry Center

Instructors: Kyle Holland (ecoPartners) and Scott Hernandez (Climate Action Reserve)
Sponsors: Sustainable Forests Education Cooperative, ecoPartners, and Climate Action Reserve

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