2016 Webinar: Service Delivery Options for Private Woodland Owners Interested in Forest Stewardship

View John Carlson’s slides (PDF) , which include numerous links to cost-share programs, sources of assistance, and other resources.

There are a lot of resources available to woodland owners in Minnesota when it comes to getting help on practicing good forest stewardship. These resources can take on different forms and come from a variety of different agencies. Knowing where to go when you need help and what is available to you can be confusing. This webinar will lay out several of the options available to you as a private woodland owner (or for someone who works with private woodland owners) varying from self- service options, property wide land management planning, and project level technical assistance.

Date: Thursday, September 22, 2016 from noon-1pm
Speakers:  John Carlson, MN DNR – Forestry, Private Forest Management Coordinator

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