2017 Webinar: Two Scales Are Better than One – How to Monitor Forests for Adaptive Management without Breaking the Bank

For those of us who manage forests for multiple, often conflicting values, monitoring poses some unique challenges. Pair that complexity with the uncertainty of climate change and we have to get really creative to find affordable monitoring solutions that get us enough information to answer basic questions. We will give a step-by-step overview of The Nature Conservancy’s use of both remotely sensed and field data to monitor change in forest condition over a 20-year period in the 42,000 ha Manitou forest landscape in northeastern Minnesota. We will share trends in forest cover and condition, and make the case that cross-agency collaboration in methods and data will help obtain important answers for forest management. Finally, we’ll discuss two applied management projects designed to help northern forests make a graceful transition to climate change. Both projects benefit from and contribute to this context of two-scale monitoring.

Date: Recorded March 21, 2017
Speakers: Mark White and Meredith Cornett, The Nature Conservancy

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