2017 Workshop: DNR Climate Adaptation

This offering is open only to Department of Natural Resources employees. 

This workshop has been developed as part of the Climate Change Response Framework, a collaborative cross-boundary approach to incorporate climate change into natural resources management. Specifically, participants are provided with training on climate change and its effects on forest ecosystems. The course uses the Forest Adaptation Resources guide to consider how climate change may affect a real‐world forest management project, identify challenges and opportunities for management under a changing climate, and develop actions to reduce risk and increase the ability of forests to cope with change.

We require participants to select a real‐life forest management project relevant to their job and location to use during the workshop. Following the workshop, the manager can decide to implement the adaptation actions that were identified to serve as examples for other managers.

Date: Wednesday and Thursday September 13 and 14, 2017
Location: Cloquet Forestry Center, 175 University Rd, Cloquet MN

Registration coming soon.

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