2017 Workshop: Quicker-Cheaper Stand Assessments

Angle gauge used in plot measurement

Many forest and timber stand inventories are needlessly detailed and time consuming because they are not well suited to the quantities of interest. This inefficiency limits forester productivity and the accuracy of available inventory data because inventories are seen as too expensive to conduct frequently. However, a variety of underutilized techniques can reduce the effort and cost associated with timber stand inventories. This workshop will introduce and review techniques such as double sampling, sampling by height only, and the proper use of a range of basal area factors in Lake States forestry practice. Participants will leave the workshop with a better understanding of techniques available to streamline and focus their inventory work in order. The 1.5-day workshop includes classroom and field sessions including hands-on data collection and analysis to illustrate the benefits and tradeoffs associated with different sampling techniques.

Dates: Monday and Tuesday (ending at noon) September 25 and 26, 2017.
Instructor: Dr. Tom Burk, Professor Emeritus, UMN Dept. of Forest Resources
Location: Cloquet Forestry Center, Cloquet, MN

This workshop was rated for 9.5 CAT1 credits by SAF.

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