2019 Webinar: On-the-job Experimentation: How to Learn More from Your Daily Woods Work

Every silviculture treatment is an experiment. But in complex systems like forests, it can be hard to know with confidence what factors drove the outcomes you observed. Not knowing limits your ability to achieve, or avoid, those outcomes next time around. We'll review a few basic principles you can use in your daily work to grow the confidence with which you interpret the outcomes of your work. Ideas like formulating specific questions, using replication, including control treatments and (very) basic structured analysis can all help accelerate learning and continuous improvement in your work.

Date: Thursday September 19, 2019 from noon-1pm central
Speaker: Eli Sagor, UMN-Cloquet Forestry Center
CEUs: This webinar has been approved for 1.0 CAT1 CFE by SAF. Credits only available to those that watch on their computer live or at a broadcast site.

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