2022 Webinar: The Good, The Bad, and The Furry: A Modern Tale of Wetland Restoration, Invasive Cattails, and Muskrats

Non-native, invasive cattails (Typha spp.) have been invading Minnesota’s wetlands for more than a century. The result has been phalanxes of dense, monotypic stands of cattails marching out from the margins of wetlands across the state, ultimately choking out native vegetation and reducing biological diversity. The thick-lined border of a US National Park, including Voyageurs National Park in northern Minnesota, offers no special protection against such a vegetative horde, and in this presentation I will detail the NPS’ trials and tribulations, successes and failures since we initiated a restoration project in 2016 to reduce cattail abundance and restore wetlands in the park’s lakes to more diverse, natural states. I will also tell the story-within-a-story about native muskrats and their role in cattail invasions and our restoration efforts. The tale remains unfinished, though, and I will offer some insights about the coming chapters of this unfolding drama.

Date: Tuesday November 15, 2022 from 9:00-10:00 am

Speaker: Steve Windels, Voyageurs National Park

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