CANCELLED: The Good, the Bad, and the Fuzzy: A Practical Toolkit for Forestry Ethics

CANCELLED: Unfortunately we've had to cancel this event due to low registration. We hope to try to offer something similar in the future.

Event Description: You make thousands of decisions every day. Many of these are almost automatic, but others challenge you profoundly, especially in the professional sphere. Decisions might rely on imperfect information or have uncertain outcomes. They might involve complicated tradeoffs. You think you should strive to do the “right” thing, but how do you figure out what that is? In your professional life, perhaps you look to the guidance put forth by your employer(s) and professional group(s). However, on its own this guidance rarely provides a clear blueprint for action.

During this three-day online workshop we will provide you with tools to navigate ethical decisions in professional forestry context. We will examine Professional Codes of Conduct, explore case studies, and develop systematic skills of critical thinking for ethical deliberation. You will leave this workshop equipped with skills in argument analysis, which will enable you to think through ethical decisions methodically, and explain why your decision is justified.

What to expect: This event will take place online over three sessions. each one week apart. Expect to complete about one hour of work before the first session and about 20 minutes of independent work between sessions. During the workshop, expect short presentations mixed with small group engagement and discussion. You will work with the same group throughout the workshop to navigate forestry and natural resource related case studies using the argument analysis process.

Location: Online using Zoom
Instructors: Lloyd Irland, The Irland Group; Michael Paul Nelson, Oregon State University, and Chelsea Batavia, Delta Stewardship Council
Cost: $60 SFEC Members, $110 Non-Members (others), $30 Students
CEUs: 10 CAT1 SAF CFE credits

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