2021 Fire in Minnesota Ecosystems: Boreal Forests

Charred red pine, moose in spruce, and house in forest on lake

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In 2020 we explored how fire has shaped Minnesota's natural systems and how land managers could work towards safely reintroducing fire. 

This three-day virtual event explored the broader ecological, cultural, andJSFP and LSFSC Logos Stacked social importance and impacts of fire in boreal systems, through both the historical and current lenses. Discussions addressed the unique challenges of implementing, suppressing, or researching fire in boreal systems, and hear various perspectives about communities living with fire.

Dates: April 6, 7, and 8
Speakers: Brian Jackson, Quetico Provincial Park; Evan Larson UW-Platteville; Gloria Erickson, Dovetail Partners; Kurt Kipfmueller, UMN; Todd Armbruster; Randy Kolka USFS-NRS; Mike Schrage, Fond du Lac Band; Lane Johnson, CFC; Timo Rova, retired-USFS; Aaron Stacey, ON MNR; Patrick James, University of Toronto, Kathleen Quigley, USFS-NRS; Nicole Selmer, USFS; Lee Johnson, SNF, Doug Woolford, University of Western Ontario, Trent Wickman, USFS; Laura Chesmer, University of Lethbridge; Josh Johnston, Canadian Forest Service; Mike Wotton, Canadian Forest Service)

Offered collaboratively by the Sustainable Forests Education Cooperative, the Joint Fire Science Program, and the Lake States Fire Science Consortium


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April 6, 2021

Boreal Forest Overview & Fireside Chat with Timo Rova
      -Timo Rova and Nicole Selmer

Tree-ring History, Native Experiential Knowledge, and Fire Stewardship
      -Kurt Kipfmueller, Lane Johnson, Damon Panek, Lee Johnson, and Brian Jackson 

Is Science Enough? Lessons Learned: The Importance of Building Relationships
      -Gloria Erickson and Todd Armbruster

April 7, 2021

Monitoring the Response of Moose to Large Fires in Minnesota 
      -Mike Schrage 

Fire Effecs on Soils and the Boreal Region 
      -Kathleen Quigley 

Smoke and Air Quality
      -Trent Wickman

Influence of Fire on Soil Mercury, Carbon and Nitrogen Pools, and Ultimately Mercury Accumulation in Fish
      -Randy Kolka

Citizen Science Fire Scar Survey App
      -Eric Gdula

April 8, 2021

Interactions Between Insect Outbreaks and Fire
      -Patrick James

LiDAR Basics: Using LiDAR to Measure Thematic Attributes of Forests, Fire Fuels, and Post-Fire Regeneration
      -Laura Chesmer

Planned Updates to the Canadian Forest Fire Weather Index System
     - Mike Wotton

WildFireSat Mission Overview
      -Josh Johnston

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