To Leave or Not to Leave: Exploring Leave Trees in Minnesota

Harvest site with leave trees and satellite image of clumped leave trees

The Forest Management Guidelines suggest retaining minimum of 5% of a harvest area in clumps and/or 6-12 scattered leave trees per acre. But what does this look like? When should we aim for more? How do we decide between clumped and scattered? Once these trees are retained, how do we track them into the future?

Join us, St. Louis County Land and Minerals Department, and David Wilson (MN DNR Guideline Monitoring) as we visit a range of sites with different leave tree species, configurations, and objectives. 

What to expect: We are heading back INTO THE WOODS! That's right, we won't be discussing pictures of trees on Zoom, but instead, we will be outdoors, together, looking at real live trees. We hope you're as excited as we are. Lunch will be provided (unless you'd prefer to bring your own). We will not be providing a bus/shuttle, so be prepared to drive yourselves. If you can carpool with a coworker it will create more parking space for others, so plan accordingly. 

Date: September 9, 2021 from 9:00am-3:00pm
Location: St. Louis County - meeting location TBD. No shuttle provided - carpool if you can!
Cost: $75 for SFEC Members, $140 for Non-Members (others), $40 for students
Host: St. Louis County Land and Minerals Department. David Wilson (MN DNR Forest Management Guideline Monitoring) will join us for most of the day as well. 

Since we we will be driving separately in a convoy, we will need all the parking space we can get. This means registration will be limited, so don't wait! Additionally, registration prices will increase 10% after 5pm on September 2.

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All interested learners are welcome. For accommodations related to ability please contact Kaitlyn Wilson at

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