Advanced Silviculture for the Lake States

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In collaboration with the US Forest Service's National Advanced Silviculture Program, we are offering a 11-day online and in person Lake States silviculture course in April 2018. This course will be open to anyone, not just Forest Service employees. It will offer an excellent opportunity for leadership development and relationship building grounded in practical silviculture and forest management. More information below.

The course consists of six days of online and independent or small group project work followed by 5 full days of in-person instruction at the University of Minnesota's Cloquet Forestry Center. Content will focus on the ecology and silviculture of Lake States forests focused on practical management issues unique to Lake States forests. In-person sessions will include project work, group presentations, classroom, and field sessions.

While we will address many topics, two prominent themes will be discussions and examples of projects using Good Neighbor Authority and using climate adaptation tools when developing silvicultural prescriptions. 

Online dates: Mondays and Thursdays during the weeks of April 2, 9, and 16, 2018

In person dates at the Cloquet Forestry Center: April 23-27, 2018
Registration deadline: Monday March 19, 2018

  • The price for Individuals enrolled in NASP and pursuing the Certified Silviculturist credential is $2,800. These individuals should register through their supervisors in communication with Carrie Sweeney
  • The price for individuals not enrolled in NASP or pursuing the Certified Silviculturist credential is $1,800 (SFEC nonmember) or $1,000 (SFEC member), regardless of agency or professional affiliation.  These individuals should register through SFEC
  • The price for individuals wishing to participate in online content only (not something we are really encouraging) is $800 (SFEC nonmember) or $500 (SFEC member). These individuals should register through SFEC.
This pricing structure reflects the role of Forest Service silviculture program in designing Lake States NASP to suit their needs for the Certified Silviculturist credential. The distinction between fee levels is based not on what agency you work for but whether you are seeking a formal certification / credit vs. whether you are seeking only to further your education.

Topics and contact hours:
Topic: Contact hours (estimated)
Silvics and ecology 20
Silvicultural systems and practices 16
Stand dynamics 8
Prescription writing 5
Wildlife relationships 4
Fisheries relationships 4
Forest pathology and entomology 4
Fire ecology 3
Invasive plants 2
Geology/soils/landforms 2
Site quality/productivity 2
Hydrology 2
Markets and utilization 2

All interested learners are welcome. For accommodations related to ability please contact Madison Rodman at or 218-726-6403.

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Eli Sagor, SFEC Program Manager | 218-409-6115

Madison Rodman, SFEC Program Assistant | 218-726-6403