2021 Forestry and Wildlife Research Review and MN SAF Annual Meeting

Balsam fir cut and piled for burning in SNF

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SFEC's 2021 Forestry and Wildlife Research Review will be offered jointly with the MN Society of American Foresters' 2021 Annual Winter Meeting. The meeting will be January 12-14, 2021 with Research Review presentations on the mornings of January 13 and 14.

To accommodate Covid-19 restrictions, the event will be offered online.

The purpose of the event is to present new applied research relevant to regional natural resource managers, with a focus on silviculture, forest management, and forest-associated wildlife. This focus includes research related to policy, economics, inventory, remote sensing, and other topics pertaining to forests and associated natural resources. Expect a number of live online presentations accompanied by a robust Q&A and opportunities to connect with presenters and other attendees. A few presentations may be recorded in advance. Registrants will have access to presentation recordings after the event.

A few confirmed speakers and topics:

  • MN SAF Keynote: Mike Dockry on Indigenous World Views
  • MN Forest Industry Panel
  • Marcella Windmuller-Campione on student - professional collaborations through the Great Lakes Silviculture Library
  • Kathryn Hofmeister, Brian Palik, Gwen Keller, and Liela Pinchot (separate presentations) on silvicultural treatments and species replacement options to maintain the ecological functions of black ash, including advances in DED-resistant American elm.
  • Charlie Blinn on reforestation capacity concerns related to reduced availability of H2-B guest worker visas commonly used by reforestation contract crews.
  • Sara Roth on differing perceptions of the dwarf mistletoe problem between loggers and foresters. (We'll also hear from Ella Gray on the ways that dwarf mistletoe impacts black spruce stand structure.)
  • Matt Tyler from Grand Portage on silvicultural effects on moose browse production, and moose browse selection.
  • Alexis Grinde on juvenile survival and habitat use of American Woodcock, Golden-winged Warbler, and Veery in a managed forest .
  • Ron Moen on how a changing climate will affect Minnesota's forest-dependent wildlife populations.
  • John DuPlissis on advances in use of lidar to estimate standing timber volumes.
  • Michelle Martin and Kyle Stover describing their case studies on the Great Lakes Silviculture Library.
  • Zac McEachern on landscape-scale impacts of natural disturbance on peak hydrologic flows and how this can inform silvicultural interventions at smaller scales.
  • Glenn DelGiudice on winter habitat management for white-tailed deer.
  • Many other speakers on citizen science in forestry, invasive species priorities, precommercial thinning in jack pine, and much, much more - a total of 31 presentations on Wednesday and Thursday alone.

Session details and registration:

Date: January 12-14, 2021
Location: Online
Complete 3-day agenda (PDF)
Cost: Access complete recordings, posters, and enhanced abstracts for $25 (SFEC and SAF members and students), $50 non-members.

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All interested learners are welcome. For accommodations related to ability please contact Kaitlyn Wilson at kaitlynw@umn.edu.

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