Woods Work: Digital Soil Mapping


The third event in our new Woods Work series is a short, hands-on workshop that goes behind the scenes of how soil surveys are developed and how you can more successfully use the information from Web Soil SurveyYou can probably already generate WSS outputs. But what exactly does that line separating two soil types actually mean? How should managers interpret soil map delineations, and at what scales are the data accurate? This session will go beyond the basics to help you interpret those outputs  and learn from soil scientists what these data can and cannot be used to achieve. You'll also learn about the next generation of soil surveys, Digital Soil Mapping. This new generation of soil mapping provides soils information at a more detailed level using the latest available technologyYou’ll leave with a stronger understanding of how to interpret digitally mapped soils and apply this information on your forest. 

What to expect: This event is more of a workshop than a webinar. Be ready to engage in discussion, and to actively participate in using Web and Raster Soil Survey during this event. Bring your current questions, and be ready to ask new ones! 

Date: December 3, 2020 from 9:30-11:00am
Location: Online using Zoom
Instructor: Mike Rokus and Betsy Schug, USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service

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