Workshop: Exploring Opportunities in Forest Management to Benefit Wildlife Habitat (Grand Rapids)

In the past decade Minnesota’s timber harvest has declined significantly, particularly on non-industrial private and federal lands. Some estimates suggest that current annual harvesting is down by a million cords or more from the pre-recessionary highs of about 3.7 million cords per year.

The purpose of this event is to exchange information about how current harvesting levels and patterns are affecting wildlife habitat. Presentations will explore the state of Minnesota’s forests from a variety of spatial scales, the quality and nature of habitat for forest-dependent wildlife species, the influence of harvest-related disturbance on habitat, and a plan of action to optimize the habitat-related outcomes of active forest management.

Dates: Tuesday and Wednesday October 10 and 11, 2017. Tuesday we will be inside and Wednesday we will be in the field.
Location:  TimberLake Lodge and field sites near Grand Rapids, MN
Event Flyer (PDF)

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