Logging Equipment Capabilities and Timber Sale Planning

May 4, 2023 from 8:30am to 3:00pm

218 Washburn Ave E, Backus, MN

Loggers and foresters each approach timber sales differently and must consider a wide variety of constraints. For example, while diameter and species identification are straightforward standing a foot away from the bole, the logger is viewing a tree 30 feet away sitting in their equipment cab. To unpack the balance between the merchantability of what's on the site compared to the desired future conditions, SFEC is jointly offering this workshop with the Minnesota Logger Education Program.

This workshop will be highly relevant to loggers and foresters at all stages of their respective careers. We will be sharing perspectives on broad themes such as collaboration and different ways of "doing" in addition to getting into the nuts and bolts - literally - when it comes to laying out sales by discussing equipment capabilities and limitations.

Location: 218 Washburn Ave E, Backus, MN

CEs: 4.5

Agenda in brief:

8:30: Brief introduction at Cass County Land Department
8:40: Breakouts and structured discussion, covering

  • What the operator sees: sale setup best practices
  • Sale layout: infrastructure and accessibility
  • Different ways of "doing": meeting the sale objectives
  • Collaboration and flexibility

11:00: Lunch and equipment demonstration at Sawyer LLC
12:00-3:00: Bus to multiple field sites and return to Cass County Land Department NLT 3:00