Needs Assessment Discussion Series - Timber Theme

Friday March 8th, 1-2pm

We are holding a handful of open meetings over the course of two months for SFEC members to discuss educational content needs. In each hour-long meeting we will focus on a different content theme of our ongoing needs assessment, briefly going over our needs assessment results so far before opening the floor to gather ideas related to content and event formats from attendees. The meeting themes and times for the whole series are below:

  • Silviculture: Thursday February 29th, 1-2pm
  • Timber Goals and FMGs: Friday March 8th, 1-2pm
  • Forest Carbon: Tuesday March 12th, 10-11am
  • Forest-dependent Wildlife: Friday March 15th, 1-2pm 
  • Climate Adaptation: Tuesday April 16th, 9-10am
  • Forest Health: Thursday April 18th, 1-2pm
  • Human Dimensions and Economics: Wednesday April 24th, 10-11am

This March 8th meeting is for the Timber Goals and FMGs theme. Within this broad theme we used a survey to gauge interest in such topics as...

  • A basic overview of Minnesota's FMGs
  • A field-based overview of FMG implementation
  • Protecting site quality and productivity
  • How particular FMGs are measured by monitoring crews
  • Timber harvest road construction and maintenance
  • Value and benefits of leave trees within harvest areas
  • Timber sale administration

All SFEC members are welcome; please register for as many listening sessions as you are willing. We're hoping to have a robust discussion to help us put a finer point on our broader survey results and better define SFEC's direction over the next several years as it relates to the custom professional development content we provide to our members.

Reach out to Lane Moser at [email protected] with questions.