Silviculture for Northern Long-Eared Bat - Arrowhead

Tuesday June 4th, 9am-3pm

Hibbing area, MN

20 year old aspen.

Northern long-eared bat (NLEB) was reclassified under endangered late in 2022 due to massive population declines - as much as 97 to 100% in a given area of their range - caused by white-nose syndrome, the main threat to NLEB. NLEB roost in the cavities of live and dead trees in the summer, representing a management opportunity for foresters to promote NLEB habitat through silvicultural practices.

This workshop is a second offering of our September 2023 NLEB Silviculture workshop previously held in Aitkin and Carlton Counties. For this workshop we will move through three sites in central St. Louis County; resource managers can come away from the workshop feeling confident they can identify what silvicultural strategies foresters can apply to promote NLEB habitat as well as identify NLEB roosting characteristics, phenology, and harvesting considerations. We will also discuss broader policy implications for those seeking to learn more about Habitat Conservation Plans. 

Agenda: Stay tuned for an agenda closer to the event.

Accessibility: We will be driving from site to site in personal vehicles. This will be entirely field-based with limited access to toilets or other facilities. 

Cost: $75 for members, $140 for nonmembers. Registration includes lunch.

CEs: 4.5