MN Forest Management Guidelines Training

Wednesday May 15th OR Thursday May 16th, 9am-4:30pm

Location: This workshop will take place in the woods about 10 minutes southwest of Grand Rapids. An exact location will be provided after registering. Parking is available at the site. 

Loggers and resource managers at an October FMG training.

This event page is only for registering resource managers. If you are an MLEP member, please register through the MLEP site. 

This workshop will provide supplemental training to the training foundation in the MN Forest Management Guidelines (FMG) that you received when completing eFMG training. The topics that we will be covering include: harvest planning, wetland basics, riparian management zones/filter strips, leave trees and wildlife, and erosion control. The format of this workshop is focused on discussions and hands-on activities related to the Forest Management Guidelines. You can refresh yourself on the FMGs by listening to a podcast hosted by UMN Extension and the MN Logger Education program:

Two sections are available for this workshop. The same content is offered both days. Please register for only one section (May 15th or 16th). 

Logistics and accessibility: This event will take place entirely outdoors. We will be sitting in chairs under a large tent in the morning during group discussions. The rest of the day, we will be completing hands-on activities at rotating field stations in the woods. Please dress accordingly and be prepared in case of rain. A portable toilet will be available on site. Lunch will be provided.